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Unfortunately the time has come to shut the studio doors permanently ūüôĀ
A bit over 7 years ago 3 friends had a bold idea of building their own studio in West Auckland that was specifically designed to create awesome studio productions at an affordable price. It took a bit longer than we first planned and it was a hell of a lot of work (Check out the vid below or see the photos) but 6 months after we took over the lease we finally opened the doors.

On the 17th of April 2008 we finally held an opening party (photos) and¬†from that point onwards we built up a good reputation and got to work with a lot¬†of New¬†Zealand’s¬†best film makers (check out the small selection of stuff on the ‘shot @ sunset‘ page). Some of these people have moved on to bigger things, others have changed careers but¬†many have kept on trucking and we thank you all for the time you spent in our little studio. We did try desperately to pass the studio onto someone else and although we had a huge amount of interest, no one was willing to pick up the torch so sadly we’ve spent the last couple of weeks¬†dismantling her.

Since opening the doors theres been a lot¬†of ups and downs and anyone in the industry will tell you that the last couple years has¬†been a bit t0o much on the down side. We’ve seen a lot of change in the industry but things are improving so¬†it’s time to re-adjust and move on. We will continue to do production / post production services (and Spoiler Alert) so please stay in contact. Again thanks to all those that have helped over the years, theres so many of you and you’ve all been so awesome to work with. To all the memories and friends.

’till next time…


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