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Zane Egginton:
mobile: (021) 535 875
Duncan Eastwood:
mobile: (021) 103 3552
Richard Thomas:
mobile: (021) 112 6745
B7/50 Keeling Road, Henderson, Waitakere, Auckland.

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You’ve got your tune sorted, recorded and mastered up, and world domination beckons. But still the Big Day Out won’t return your calls?

You need a vid

Sunset Studios is offering music videos designed to suit your specific budget. If funding for your Vid didn’t come through and moneys too tight to mention, then we have options to help you get something shot that looks good, and gets your message across for a fraction of the cost of a standard video shoot. We offer;

  • A quality studio to shoot in, with a track record of dozens of NZ videos under its belt.
  • Location shoots with all the gear and crew.
  • Lighting packages that won’t kill the band account.
  • The option of shooting on a greenscreen, opening up a world of creative possibilities.
  • Editing and Grading by experienced professionals.
  • Your finished product in high-quality HD resolution, with a variety of formats to choose from.
  • We can even help you get NZ On air funding!

At all times we’re looking to keep the costs down so that you don’t have to pay the earth to showcase your music as it should be. If you need the vision to go with your sounds, then try us. You’ll be headlining the BDO in no time…

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