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The Sun Has Set.

Unfortunately the time has come to shut the studio doors permanently :( A bit over 7 years ago 3 friends had a bold idea of building their own studio in West Auckland that was specifically designed to create awesome studio productions at an affordable price. It took a bit longer than we first planned and it was a hell of a lot of work (Check out the vid below or see the photos) ...

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You need a music vid!

You’ve got your tune sorted, recorded and mastered up, and world domination beckons. But still the Big Day Out won’t return your calls? You need a vid Sunset Studios is offering music videos designed to suit your specific budget. If funding for your Vid didn’t come through and moneys too tight to mention, then we have options to help you get something shot that looks good, and ...

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The first annual Halloween short film contest.

Every year, for the past three Halloween weekends, we’ve treated you to a night of guts and gags, giggles and gore, with some of the most horrific (and sometimes just horrifically bad) fright-flicks from around the world. But in 2011 we’re doing things a little differently, because as well as our normal line up of blood splattered treats, this year we want you to add your own fiendish films ...

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3rd Annual Sunset Studios Halloween Film Night

SATURDAY 30th OCTOBER from 6PM to 2AM 6PM: BRAIN DEAD “There’s something nasty in Lionel’s cellar – His family!” 8PM: SOCIETY “In Beverly Hills, what you fear is only the beginning.” 10PM: DEMONS “They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs.” MIDNIGHT: BURIAL GROUND “When the moon turns red, the dead shall rise!” It’...

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The Sunset ID

The other day I finally got around to finishing the Sunset Studios ID. Something to bang on the end of the credits. Also While I have your attention check back soon as we are currently putting together the program for our annual horror film night. 'till later, Z.

Juice TV Awards

Three music videos made at Sunset have been nominated for awards in the Juice TV Awards 2010. Tim van Dammen's clip for Artisan Guns made it in for the best group, in fact he and Tim Flower (DoP) have five videos nominated; Best Electronic - Kids Of 88, Best Rock - Luger Boa, Best Solo - Anika Moa, and Best Newcomer - Kidz In Space. There's also Luke McPake's vid for Lisa ...

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The Sunset Newsroom

Hi All. First up, thanks for all the great feedback about the site. It's been a few late nights but shes's almost done. The latest addition to the site is the Sunset Newsroom. Here you will find all the latest news related to the film industry, including; jobs, technology, gossip, films, events, festivals, blogs, etc. It works by reading RSS feeds of selected sites eg Seek, The Herald, Creative cow, ...

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Sunset turns two!

It's our birthday! This time 2 years ago the Sunset crew were busily preparing for our opening night. Setting up tables and chairs, organizing catering, booze, and a big sound system. We had spent 6 months building the studio, so for us it was a really big deal. Since then we've had a lot people though the place and Sunset has become a well known player in the local industry. I'd like ...

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The Birth of ZedSpace

I've created myself a new blog. If your keen to check out go to; I intend to post all sorts of stuff on a regular basis. I'm hoping to update this webpage in the future [this story was originally posted on our old website], however the old server is not up to it, so make lots of bookings so we can get a new web server, ...

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Halloween 2

In 2008 we challenged you to spend Halloween night sampling the most horrific (and sometimes just horrifically bad) fright flicks from around the world. And now, it’s that time again! [Download PDF Invite] Really looking forward to this years event. Dont forget your beanbag. Z. [Discuss Halloween 2010 in the Forum]