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***Spoiler Alert*** Friday the 13th Special: Part 2

In the second half we review Part 6: Jason Lives, Part 7: A New Beginning, Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X. We discuss one the best of films in the series and a couple of the worst. Which one is an entertaining meta-comedy, which one is a rabid fever dream and which one has a man's head punched off his body? Find out in the conclusion to ...

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***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 24

From the latest news and reviews to undiscovered gems – Join Duncan Eastwood & Simon Lambert as they discuss everything they love and hate about cinema. Episode 24: June 2013 In this episode: Spoiler Alert celebrates their two year anniversary by going gay with the baby conceiving comedy 'Gayby', dig the lesbian thriller 'Bound', drag five straight films out of the closet that are secretly gay and nail pensioners to the Tree of ...

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