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***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 82

September 2019 In which your hosts get a transfusion of Last Blood with the new Rambo film, discuss the forgotten Oscar winning series 'The Thin Man', offer you the Top 5 most Ramboesque films ever made and finally, after 8 years and 81 episodes, we talk about the phenomenon that is Chuck Norris.

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 81

August 2019 In which your hosts visit Tinseltown with 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood', discuss a head hunting horror, a film that lionises lions and revisit the top 5 films that Tarantino ripped off.

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 80

July 2019: In which your hosts examine the Palme d'Or winning 'Parasite', review the croc thriller 'Crawl', reveal their Top 5 cinematic parasites (that are not John Carpenter's 'The Thing'!) and play you a cannibal themed song that is perfect for your wedding.

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 79

Ep 79 - June 2019 In which your hosts enter the Wickiverse to get a degree in Wickology at the Wickiversity. They review the trilogy of Keanu Reeves action blockbusters - John Wick 1 , 2 and the newly released chapter 'John Wick 3: Parabellum'. Also discuss 'Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters' and look back at the ground breaking 1950 film 'No Way Out'.

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 78

Episode 78: May 2019 In which your hosts get buried in a review of 'Pet Sematary'. Discuss Jordan Peele's latest 'Us', Marvel's 'Avengers: Endgame' and offer you Top 5 Movie Pets from devil dogs to zombie cats.

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 77

March 2019 - In which your hosts tag team on 'Fighting With My Family', discuss a royal rumble amount of films from 'First Man' to 'Captain Marvel' to 'Aquaman' and apply their patented finishing move on their Top 5 Wrestling Films to Grapple With.

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 76

Episode 76: December 2018 In which your hosts review the latest 'Robin Hood' incarnation, look back at the year of cinema, hand out the prestigious 2018 Spoiler Alert awards for categories as wide ranging as 'Biggest Gut Punch of the year award', 'Best time in a cinema award' and 'Wounding of a behemoth award'. And we finish by nailing the biggest cinematic offenders of the year to the Tree of Woe. From hidden ...

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***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 75

Episode 75: November 2018 In which your hosts get horrific reviewing the latest 'Halloween' film, discuss the 'Suspiria' remake, offer the top 5 films to create your very own Horror Movie Marathon Night and we nail titles to the Tree of Woe. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes From the latest news and reviews to undiscovered gems – Join Duncan Eastwood & Simon Lambert as they discuss everything they love and hate about cinema.