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***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 87 Part 1: The Phantom Menace Review

June 2020: In which your hosts review 'Thunder Road' and 'Midsommar'. And then they search their feelings and start on an epic saga - reviewing the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy - starting with 'Episode 1: The Phantom Menace'. Fire up your podracer, check your midi-chlorian count and dive into the galaxy far, far away.

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 86

April 2020: In which your hosts review the recent Kiwi film starring Daniel Radcliffe, 'Guns Akimbo', look back at the 50s Western 'Seven Men From Now', take aim at the doco 'Milius' and lock in five FREE films you can watch online during lockdown.

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 85

March 2020: In which your hosts cast an eye across 'The Lighthouse', review 'Birds of Prey' and 'Uncut Gems', reflect on their woeful Oscar picks and discuss the five definitive Willem Dafoe performances.

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 84 (Part 2)

January 2020 In which your hosts review 'The Rise of Skywalker'. We discuss Star Wars Episode 9 in detail, reflect on the trilogy and the series as a whole. It's an extravaganza of galactic proportions! Yub Nub!

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 84 (Part 1)

January 2020: The first episode of the new decade in which your hosts review 'Bad Boys For Life' & 'Destroyer'. We talk Oscars and predict the winners (and what we want to win!) and we hand out the far more prestigious 'Spoiler Alert Awards' for the last cinematic year including 'Best Trailer', 'Dullest Film' and 'Best Movie for a Long Haul Flight'.

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 82

September 2019 In which your hosts get a transfusion of Last Blood with the new Rambo film, discuss the forgotten Oscar winning series 'The Thin Man', offer you the Top 5 most Ramboesque films ever made and finally, after 8 years and 81 episodes, we talk about the phenomenon that is Chuck Norris.

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 81

August 2019 In which your hosts visit Tinseltown with 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood', discuss a head hunting horror, a film that lionises lions and revisit the top 5 films that Tarantino ripped off.

***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 80

July 2019: In which your hosts examine the Palme d'Or winning 'Parasite', review the croc thriller 'Crawl', reveal their Top 5 cinematic parasites (that are not John Carpenter's 'The Thing'!) and play you a cannibal themed song that is perfect for your wedding.