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***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 63 (Part 2)

Episode 63 - Part 2 - MOVIE AUTOPSY - THE AVENGERS (1998) In which your hosts exhume the corpse of 1998's legendary box office and critical bomb 'The Avengers' and perform an autopsy on a film so bad the director offered to re-edit a director's cut for free - but the studio declined. What went wrong? Is it as bad as its reputation? How could it be fixed? Spoiler Alert answers all these ...

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***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 49

From the latest news and reviews to undiscovered gems – Join Duncan Eastwood & Simon Lambert as they discuss everything they love and hate about cinema. Episode 49: November 2015 In this episode: your hosts get their wit as dry as their martinis for the latest 007 adventure 'Spectre', shake and stir the five must-see non-Bond performances by Bond actors and nail dull dishwater to the Tree of Woe. Subscribe to the podcast in ...

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