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***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 76

Episode 76: December 2018 In which your hosts review the latest 'Robin Hood' incarnation, look back at the year of cinema, hand out the prestigious 2018 Spoiler Alert awards for categories as wide ranging as 'Biggest Gut Punch of the year award', 'Best time in a cinema award' and 'Wounding of a behemoth award'. And we finish by nailing the biggest cinematic offenders of the year to the Tree of Woe. From hidden ...

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***Spoiler Alert*** Podcast Episode 73

Episode 73: August 2018 In which your hosts go to the Auckland International Film Festival and fall in love with 'Mandy', discuss 'Dogman', talk 'Three Identical Strangers', banter about 'Bludgeon' and 'Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story.' We also review 'Mission Impossible: Fallout', show incredible self-restraint by talking about Star Wars for only three minutes and then lose all control by discussing 80s action films and 90s thrillers at length. Finally, we ...

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