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General Enquiries:
Zane Egginton:
mobile: (021) 535 875
Duncan Eastwood:
mobile: (021) 103 3552
Richard Thomas:
mobile: (021) 112 6745
B7/50 Keeling Road, Henderson, Waitakere, Auckland.

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A New Website!

Well it was about time I updated the Sunset Website, and it's not all cosmetic. We actually do a lot more than just rent out studio space, so I thought it was about time our website reflected it. It's still got all your favourite features including the 'Spoiler Alert' podcast (with Duncan Eastwood and Simon Lambert), the 'News Room' and the 'Shot@Sunset' video gallery however theres now a services ...

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Sunset Studios is a relatively new company providing studio space for your film, television or musical production. Situated on Keeling Road in Henderson we have a 130m2 studio (175m2 including offices etc.) available for small to medium sized productions. All of the studio walls and ceiling are lined with sound absorbing panels that provide ideal conditions to record audio with almost zero reverb. Theres a large 7m x 3.5m Green ...

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The Sunset Newsroom

Hi All. First up, thanks for all the great feedback about the site. It's been a few late nights but shes's almost done. The latest addition to the site is the Sunset Newsroom. Here you will find all the latest news related to the film industry, including; jobs, technology, gossip, films, events, festivals, blogs, etc. It works by reading RSS feeds of selected sites eg Seek, The Herald, Creative cow, ...

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Got Talent?

Here at Sunset we often get requests for skilled crew, and work wanted, in fact we get a lot. So instead of forwarding it all to Duncan I decided that the new website needed a place for the local community to freely post their details instead of sending it all to us, the result is the Sunset Forum. At the time of writing this it's brand new and looking rather ...

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iPhone/iPod site up too!

I've just setup a iPhone/iPod/Mobile site. I had a quick look at it with my neighbors iPod (lost mine) and it seemed fine. If you have a web capable mobile can you please have a look at this site and see if it works okay. Note that if you click the top right pulldown you can access all the pages on the site. Cheers, Z.

Hello world!

Our new site is up! You'll have to bare with me while I slowly get it up to speed. If you wanted to see our old web page (had some interesting posts on it) you can do so by clicking [here].

The Birth of ZedSpace

I've created myself a new blog. If your keen to check out go to; I intend to post all sorts of stuff on a regular basis. I'm hoping to update this webpage in the future [this story was originally posted on our old website], however the old server is not up to it, so make lots of bookings so we can get a new web server, ...

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