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Trevor – The Video Just when you think the whole world is on your side... It isn't. 'Trevor' is the story that no-one needed to hear, but had to. It pushes past the boundaries of human interest, into weird and forgettable territory. Have you personally ever asked yourself the question "Will my past pounce upon me when i least expect it?" If so, then 'Trevor' may just change your ...

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The T.V Club? What’s all this about then?

As I wandered aimlessly through an extremely unassuming day last week, I was suddenly set upon by a crazed loon, who assaulted me with a 1GB Flashdrive and then fled.  I thanked the lord it wasn't one of those 8GB monsters, they can do serious damage to a fragile USB port!  Upon examination of the contents of the flashdrive, I found a garbled message, which initially I found difficult to ...

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